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Bianco Ibiza Marble

Bianco Ibiza Marble quarried in Turkey is a white marble with great resilience. It has been worldly welcome by designers and architects due to its simplicity and versatility in various design space. The cool grey veins running on the white base typically elegant white marble that would suite most of the modern decoration with long lasting classic style.

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Technical information:

● Name: Bianco Ibiza Marble

● Type of Material: Marble 

● Origin:Turkey

● Color:white 

● Application:Flooring, wall, mosaic, countertop, column, bathtub, design project, interior decoration

● Finish: polished,honed,bush hammered,sandblasted, Leather finish

● Thickness:18mm-30mm

● Bulk Density:2.704 g/cm3

● Water Absorption:0.39%

● Compressive Strength:125.4-166.4 MPa

● Flexural Strength:11.9-14.5 MPa


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