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Dining table

TORAS Dining Tables

Marble dining tables are with various sizes, shapes, colors and edges. They are mostly very modern style. The prosperity of marble in this specific application are boosted and founded by the natural infinite beauty of stone, which inherently echos the modern kitchen design and function concept.

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Design Concept

Toras Marble Dining Table made by the exclusive quartzite material of Calacatta Grey is with incredible texture of sincerity. The breccia pattern of taupe patches blend in the crystal white background, broken but intact. With the Calacatta Grey quartzite, this specific piece of marble dining table shows the charm of being primitive, true and innocent.

dinning table
dinning table2


Length: 190 cm
Width: 95 cm
Height: 75 cm

Mainenance Instruction

Clean the table with dry cloth;
Use soft wet cloth with neutral detergent or soap free of abradant to clean the table;
Cleaning normal stains, using wet sponge with soap fluid or fine sandpaper.