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Coffee table

TORAS Coffee Tables

Marble coffee tables are one of the “in” and trendy products. They suite most of the modern interior space. The real natural colors and the unique pattern and veining are making each table irreplaceable in beauty and still the most eye-catching and long- lasting piece in each single space. Coffee tables are the place where people gather around, socialize and having leisure time. A marble top coffee table as the centre of this activity is without doubt adding elegance and chic.

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Design Concept

Hollow columnar shape with opening on the facade to create table legs; This Marble Coffee Table by the famous Green marble-Ice Jade Marble is strikingly impressive thanks to the bold and dramatic pattern of Ice Jade which evokes the vibes of energy and vitality in any space it sits in. The advanced fabrication allow us to obtain thin marble layers which retains the beauty of Ice Jade marble and meanwhile reduce the heaviness of stone. The Honyecomb core between marble face is supporting the table with great stability and strength. All the veins and pattern is continuous and matched to create the entity of the coffee table. All glue applied is eco-friendly.
Solid body coffee table is also availible as per our esteemed customer's request.


Length: 88 cm
Width: 88 cm
Height: 35 cm

Mainenance Instruction

Clean the table with dry cloth;
Use soft wet cloth with neutral detergent or soap free of abradant to clean the table;
Cleaning normal stains, using wet sponge with soap fluid or fine sandpaper.