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Service Provided by Morningstar

  • consulting

    Free Consulting:

    Whichever stone you are interested in, ask us for more information. We would offer you information including stone character; physical statistics; live photos and application scenes. Also you might consult us for stone fabrication. We are ready to respond with our years of fabrication experiences for various projects around the world.

  • packing

    Free Sampling:

    Contact us for free samples, we would provide you samples as per the information provided for specific projects. Free samples will also be provided as per your request for the stones that we work directly with quarry. Click here for quarry stones. If you have mock-up jobs for a ready projects, you are with the right company to work with for the quality presentation.

  • pricing

    Free Pricing:

    Pricing for full packages of commercial projects, hotel, apartments or Private Villas, Palaces or a singular reception counters, spiral staircase etc. will be provided as per your inquiries. Contact us now for pricing. We would offer our professional quotation to help with the bidding.

  • quality

    Quality Control:

    We have professional QC team monitoring the whole fabrication process, from the fastidious selection of raw material, which is always being emphasized as the fundamentally crucial step to ensure the final effect of each job; to the well studied and planned fabrication process for each type of stone to ensure that all details are perfect and refined.
  • sanpling

    Professional Packing:

    A packing solution is provided for each specific job, we have been generous in packing by providing thicker wood crate with plywood panels on each face of crate; Strengthened film covering for precious stone surface is provided as well. Well packed stone products are the final step to ensure all the previous efforts won’t be wasted due to breakage caused by poor packing .
  • service

    After-Sale Service:

    The finish of fabrication, packing and shipments don’t mean the finish the service of Morningstar. We attach importance to our clients’ satisfaction. Feel free to get in touch with our sales for any queries after-sales. We would respond within 24 hours.

Service Provided by Morningstar:

Service Provided by Morningstar: