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Morningstar is a professional natural stone supplier who is committed to the fabrication of natural stone. Each Morningstar stone fabricator is well-educated in the preciousness and uniqueness of the very treasure of Nature. The whole fabrication line is designed and well thought our before any custom products are manufactured. As a veteran natural stone supplier, Morningstar has our own motivated shop drawingteam to help realize our clients' creative designs to the realistic workable stage. All products from material selection, detail deepening, processing, and packaging to transparent display, from beginning to end, to ensure customer participation and knowledge, to ensure the final details and effect.

Business Scope

As an experienced natural stone supplier and fabricator, Morningstar source, supply, and fabricate all kinds of natural stone for high-end residential and commercial projects. And we provide service of 3D wall-cladding, marble waterjet-inlay, marble mosaic and furniture, marble columns processing.


As a reliable natural stone supplier and stone fabricator from Asia, MorningStar supplys over hundreds of different kinds of marble, granite and artificial quartz for wholesale, providing forms in tiles, sheet, and slab selection.


MorningStar is one of the most trusted natural stone suppliers and marble manufacturer that provides one-stop stone projects for kinds of countries. Free consulting and sampling, pricing for full packages of projects of hotel, apartments or private villas, palaces or a singular reception counters, spiral staircase etc.

Latest News

MorningStar will share the latest news or ideas of marble or granite's design, projects, and processing for you. We are ready to showcase our extensive experience in global stone projects.


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