How to Start Your 3D Marble Design: Applications and Processing Methods

How to Start Your 3D Marble Design: Applications and Processing Methods

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Natural stone is a true marvel of nature, which impresses viewers in every sense. They are extremely attractive to our senses with their alluring beauty, unique patterns and exceptional textures. Due to the beauty of natural stone, almost everyone is attracted to 3D marble designs in one way or another. The love of natural stone is rising so fast that 3D marble designs are going viral and trendy nowadays. 


Types of 3D marble artworks

Here are some of the types of 3D marble artwork that you will see around you:

  1. 3D Carved Stone Walls: 3D marble stones transform ordinary walls into extraordinary masterpieces. Different patterns and intricate textures can easily be carved onto the marble surface, creating a stunning visual impact.
  2. Statues: Marble statues have been cherished for centuries, and with the advent of 3D technology, they have taken on a whole new dimension. From classical figures to modern interpretations, 3D marble designs exhibit a level of detail and realism that captivates the viewer.
  3. Basins: Many people are elevating the elegance of their bathroom or kitchen with 3D marble basins. The textured surface of these basins creates a stunning visual display through the interplay of light and shadow, which captivates all who witness it.
  4. Decorative Pieces: From intricate vases to ornate tabletop accents, 3D marble decoration pieces are everywhere in today’s world. These exceptional artworks serve as conversation starters and elevate the aesthetics of any space.
  5. Columns & Posts: By incorporating 3D marble designs into architectural elements like columns and posts, you can bring a new sense of elegance into your spaces. Intricate carvings and textured surfaces enhance the overall appeal, making them stand out as artistic marvels.
  6. Hollowed-out Lattice: 3D marble designs are even making hollowed-out Lattice beautiful and appealing. These intricate designs of 3D marble allow light to pass through, casting enchanting patterns and creating a visually stunning effect.

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Processing methods of 3D marble artworks: Marble Water Jet

The marble water jet technique is the best processing method to create artistic 3D marble designs artworks. This innovative method begins with a digital design or pattern, then is translated into a computer program that controls the water jet cutting machine.

Marble water jet cutting involves using a high-pressure water jet mixed with an abrasive substance, such as garnet, to cut through the marble material precisely. The water jet, propelled at extreme pressure, creates a fine and powerful stream that can accurately cut through the marble. Artisans create intricate and delicate patterns, curves, and textures on the marble surface by controlling the water jet’s speed and pressure.

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Wrapping Up

Morningstar Stone‘s true value lies in our unwavering commitment to quality. We are distinguished due to our attractive selection of raw materials and accurate and precise processing techniques. Our extensive inventory, featuring captivating stones, offers a wide variety of options to suit diverse design preferences. We offer custom marble designs that best fit your taste and needs. With a dedicated team, Morningstar can bring your creative visions to life.

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