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Console table

TORAS Console Tables

Console tables usually with long thin narrow table top are probably the least functional piece among all these types of tables. And yet who doesn’t want one console table? a beautiful marble console table easily lights up the space, either in the entry way or behind your sofa. Marble console tables are so popular and so much sought after cause Marble amplify the aesthetic value of this type of table. While it stands there, its infinite and boundless beauty and grace.

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Design Concept

The Toras Marble Console Table is simple, modern and chic. Italian Calacatta marble is the best known high quality white marble in the world.The lily white color with the grey veins and pattern running randomly on slabs embody the name of Calacatta white. The selection of high quality white marble with our mater-hand fabrication give this table piece undefinabale exquisity and values.


Length: 120 cm
Width: 35 cm
Height: 90 cm

Mainenance Instruction

Clean the table with dry cloth;
Use soft wet cloth with neutral detergent or soap free of abradant to clean the table;
Cleaning normal stains, using wet sponge with soap fluid or fine sandpaper.