• What’s the difference between natural marble and artificial marble?

    As we all know, marble is a good grade product.So many families use marble in their decoration, and marble has natural marble and faux marble.They are very common. And whether it is artificial marble or natural marble has its own advantages and disadvantages. Introduction     Artificial marble i...
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  • Advantages of marble countertops

    More and more people choose to use marble countertops because of its beautiful appearance and many excellent features. First,high hardness.Not easy to deformation.Natural marble is to pass long years to form naturally.So it’s naturally homogeneous in its structure. And the linear expansion ...
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  • Marble in life

        The use of space materials is constantly bringing forth the new, and various building materials have gradually entered our vision. The charm of marble has not diminished since ancient times. The marble of noble atmosphere decorates, just like the artwork that a nature becomes, can blend in wh...
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  • Xiamen Morningstar Stone Co.,LTD

    Xiamen Morningstar Stone Co.,LTD

    Xiamen Morningstar Stone Co.,LTD was founded on November 23, 2017 and registered in Xiamen, a beautiful island city,mainly engaged in all kinds of modern marble, granite, special-shaped columns, etc. And has received good comments from many customers.
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