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Side table

TORAS Side Tables

Side tables also named as accent tables, end tables is an inclusive and general description of small tables that could be versatile and mobile in interior space. It could be placed beside your sofa or your bedside, it could be also placed next to the chair where you do the reading, it needs only a bit creation and imagination. Marble Side tables are very exciting choices. It perfectly matches with Metals, Glass, wood and fabric. And a small table but giving the space great quality and classic beauty.

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Design Concept

The Toras Limestone Side Table is made by one solid limestone block. The full-body limestone with the modern design deliever the concise language of beauty. Limestone is having its revival in interior decoration fields by recent years. The natural age feeling and reflectless surface immediately summons the aura of vintage and nostalgia.


Length: 45 cm
Width: 35 cm
Height: 45 cm

Mainenance Instruction

Clean the table with dry cloth;
Use soft wet cloth with neutral detergent or soap free of abradant to clean the table;
Cleaning normal stains, using wet sponge with soap fluid or fine sandpaper.