Katara Tower

Katara Tower

Katara Towers also named as crescent hotel Lusail, is a high rise hotel of 5 stars and 6 stars. It is open at the same time as the host- ing of World Cup in Qatar, one of the most typical luxurious hotel that’s famous in its generosity in adoption of high end materials and unique design.

Katara Tower2

 We are one of the main suppliers for this large asset, by supplying: 1. Main lobby floor of the 6 stars: water- jet marble pattern by thassos, Snow White onyx and honey onyx.

2. Lift Lobby: water jet pattern by Grigio onyx, honey onyx, onice ivory and thassos

3. Main lobby washroom: Pure Snow White onyx with brass inlay 4. Entrance Vestibule: Crystal white in curve wall cladding with lighting effect
5. Room Wall: Invisible blue wall panel in large size format , book match

6. President suite wash room: Green onyx wall panel in large size format, book match

Katara Tower1
Katara Tower3

The precious onyx series have revived its beauty with the innova- tive design and the proper combination of brass. Onyx is unparal- leled in its texture, but also very fragile and hard material to work with. Our team, with years of experiences and profession have suc- cessfully realized the design and present the beauty without any complaints from clients.

Katara Tower4

Post time: Jul-14-2023