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Bianco Antico Granite


Bianco Antico Granite originated from Brazil is one of the most beautiful granite in the world. It is strong and durable as most of the granite materials, which makes it perfect for kitchen countertop. But Bianco Antico Granite is much more than that.


Product Display

It has the snow mountain color, embedded with quite amount of translucent quarts, mixed with brown or black leaf pattern. It evokes the grace of a Noble Queen. It surely elevate the whole ambience of any interior space.

Technical information:

● Name: Bianco Antico

● Type of Material: Granite

● Origin:Brazil

● Color:White, Grey

● Application:Flooring, wall, mosaic, countertop, column, bathtub, design project, interior decoration

● Finish: polished,honed,bush hammered,sandblasted, Leather finish

● Thickness:18mm-30mm

● Bulk Density:2.7 g/cm3

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