Advantages of marble countertops.

Advantages of marble countertops.

More and more people choose to use marble countertops because of its beautiful appearance and many excellent features.

First,high hardness.Not easy to deformation.Natural marble is to pass long years to form naturally.So it’s naturally homogeneous in its structure. And the linear expansion coefficient is very small, almost no internal stress. So its hardness is extremely high, in the use of the process will not deformation.台面板1-1

Second,resistant to corrosion and acid. Natural marble its own organization structure is even, so not easy to suffer the erosion of acid base liquid.When use also need not depend on besmear to improve smooth sex, maintain rise quite simple and convenient.


Third,high wear resistance and high temperature resistance. Because the hardness of marble material is higher, and rigidity is very good, so its wear resistance is also stronger. Not only that, its high temperature resistance is also very good. It will not be temperature changes and deformation. At room temperature can maintain its original physical properties.So the service life is longer.


Fourth,stable physical properties. The structure of natural marble is meticulous and even. Even in the case of external impact, it will not burr, surface accuracy will not be affected.Because the material is physically stable, it can guarantee no deformation after long-term use and anti-rust, antimagnetic, insulation.


Fifth,no magnetization. Natural marble material no matter how long after use will not appear magnetized, can move smoothly.And not affected by moisture.



Because of these advantages, marble countertops are used more and more widely,and the design is also very diverse.In addition to simple marble countertops,it can also be combined with other materials, collision out of a unique aesthetic.


Post time: Dec-15-2020