Amazon Green, aesthetics is a kind of creativity

Amazon Green, aesthetics is a kind of creativity

Amazon green

Produced in Brazil, the surface color is green, gray, white and brown intertwined, with a tropical rainforest-like color and texture. It looks like the rainy season of the tropical Amazon and is full of vitality. When used for space decoration, it will give people a yearning for and closeness to nature.

Application: As a high-grade stone, Amazon Green can be used for high-grade indoor and outdoor decoration, such as various building components, countertops and monuments.

Granite  Amazon green

Dynamic color personality display


This project is supported by Morningstar. The designer breaks the conventional design method and uses extremely exaggerated colors and materials with special textures to boldly apply every part of the space to create a modern and fashionable space with great visual impact.



From a perceptual point of view, we want to combine the needs of living in the space, and from a profound and meaningful object in the space, it is inherited and transferred to the hub, so that the space can interact with people. When a drop of dignity dissolves and whispers, the taste is rendered in sublimation, and the blueprint of the future home emerges in laughter.




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Post time: Oct-11-2022