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3D Carved Stone-Wall&Art

Cream Marfil marble hollowed-out lattice three-dimensional sculpture wall

Stone Carving is a process of refining and defining a rough natural marble to a decorative and artistic shape. Comparing to the modern Stainless steel 3D pieces or any other 3D pieces made of ceramics, glass, plastic etc.,natural stone Carvings products are prized for its stylish&classic impression. With thousand years of accumulation of handcraft techniques combining the technology advancements, the stone Carvings products are revealing its modern attraction and its supreme antique glamour.

  • Size: : 800*800*18 mm(customized)
  • Finish: : CNC engraving, finished by hand
  • Color: : Beige (customized)
  • Material:: Cream Marfil

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Morning Star Stone

The beauty of natural stone is always releasing its undying glamour and enchantment.

In Morningstar you will always be provided with the true value of natural stones.

Why Choose Us

Morningstar Stone has been founded on these extraordinary cornerstones:

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● Passion for the natural stone industry;

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● Quality is the first thing that can never be compromised;

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● Service in time and precision;

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● Innovation is the relentless engine for Morningstar to keep shining.

Our Team

From the selection of raw material to the correct and accurate processing,We aim for the revealing of the unmatched beauty of each type of natural stone by the utmost effort of our efficient teamwork and the least waste economically and aesthetically.the tremendous capacity of of each employee in Morningstar marble unite and create a versatile and comprehensive company.
Morningstar has been very virtually dedicated to the fabrication of natural stone. Each in Morningstar is well educated with the preciousness and uniqueness of the very treasure of Nature. The whole fabrication line is designed and well thought before any custom products to be manufactured. We have our own motivated shopdrawing team to help with realizing the creative design from our clients to the realistic workable stage.
From the smallest job to the most ambitious project, Morningstar is principled to satisfy the technical, aesthetic and economic expectation of every customer who rely on our scrupulous but innovative work.
Meanwhile it has very good accumulation of experience serving for high-end projects. Exclusive solutions are demanded for the luxury section to achieve prestigious effect by unveiling some hard-to-notice beauty in stones, This requires creative and activated team with extensive experience in the marble and natural stone projects.



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The beauty of natural stone is always releasing its undying glamour and enchantment