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3D Carved Stone-Wall&Art

White Sivec Exotic style pattern 3D carved wall

Stone Carving is a process of refining and defining a rough natural marble to a decorative and artistic shape. Comparing to the modern Stainless steel 3D pieces or any other 3D pieces made of ceramics, glass, plastic etc.,natural stone Carvings products are prized for its stylish&classic impression. With thousand years of accumulation of handcraft techniques combining the technology advancements, the stone Carvings products are revealing its modern attraction and its supreme antique glamour.

  • Material: : White Sivic
  • Size: : 800*800*18 (customizable)
  • Color:: White (customizable)
  • Finish: : CNC engraving, polished by hand

Product Display

This product is recommended to be carved in pure White Sivec stone. Elaborate decorative pattern with white texture of White Sivic. If you put yourself in it, the effect of the wall makes people, quiet, peaceful, also make the space with a sense of mystery and advanced. This product has a very high requirement for process, high precision carving machine, and raw materials to be clean without obvious defects. Clean materials can highlight the beauty and overall texture of the carved product.

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