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Stone Carving is a process of refining and defining a rough natural marble to a decorative and artistic shape. Comparing to the modern Stainless steel 3D pieces or any other 3D pieces made of ceramics, glass, plastic etc.,natural stone Carvings products are prized for its stylish&classic impression. With thousand years of accumulation of handcraft techniques combining the technology advancements, the stone Carvings products are revealing its modern attraction and its supreme antique glamour.

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Marble mosaic could be traced back thousand years ago in human’s decoration history. Its work is the very extension of human imagination. It can be as vivacious as a damsel; it can be as classical as the age of Earth; and it can be as delicate as Da Vinci’s painting. Walking from antient time to the modern age, it passes the heritage of human culture and spirit, and nowadays, it is still one of the most adored product by designers and end-users.

Galilei said: “Mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe”. the simple geometrical elements are primal to build up the way how the universe looks. Plants are adored not only for its lively colors, but also for the natural permutation of the geometric lines and patterns, it brings out the generation of unspeakable sense of beauty. The combination of the basic geometrical elements give marble mosaic a face with modern&mathematic beauty, and widens the application of marble mosaic in public and domestic area and more blending with the modern furniture.

Material: Limestone, travertine, marble, granite, basalt….
Color: up to the stone type selection. Natural stone has its most tremendous stock of true color.
Finish custom; most favored is carved and honed; still it could be polished, flamed, leather and so on…..
Size: custom.

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The beauty of natural stone is always releasing its undying glamour and enchantment