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3D Carved Stone-Wall&Art

3D Carved Stone-Wall&Art

Stone Carving is a process of refining and defining a rough natural marble to a decorative marble piece. Comparing to 3D tiles product made of ceramics, glass, plastic etc.,Natural Stone 3D wall Cladding are prized for its stylish & classic impression. With years of accumulation of handcraft techniques combining the latest CNC technology and micro-engraving advancements, the Marble 3D wall tiles by Xiamen MorningstarStone are revealing its modern attraction and its supreme antique glamour.

Custom Marble 3D Wall Cladding by Limra Limestone for Bathroom Walls

Custom Three-Dimensional Surface Natural Stone 3D Wall Cladding of Moca Cream Limestone for outdoor and indoor walls

Custom Natural Stone Wall & Floor Tiles with 3D Texture by Sunny Beige Marble

3D Marble Wall of Wizard of Oz Green Marble for Wall by CNC Carving

Custom Marble 3D Wall of Raggio Verde Marble Feature Wall Coverings

3D Natural Stone Wall and floor Tiles of Jura Grey Limestone by Micro-engraving